Welcome to Rossometile’s Ostara: 25 years in music!

This year we’re celebrating 25 years of our band’s career, and we thought that the best way to celebrate it was to record and publish an album featuring some songs from our whole discography, rearranged in a symphonic/acoustic style.

This album basically consists in a revisit of our music career through the songs we chose, that are very different from one another, and our intent is to give these songs a new symphonic/acoustic “look”, hence the name “Ostara”, like the ancient pagan festivity in honour of spring, to emphasize the concept of rebirth of these songs in a brand new way.

Rossometile - band

Since we consider this celebration as a very important achievement, we thought that making just an album wasn’t enough, so we decided to associate a picture to each song, made by ANNALILLA, a brilliant illustrator that brought much more value to our work with her art.

Thanks for your support and your love.

Discover the release!

Rossometile - Ostara CD Deluxe Box Set