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“Desdemona” is the sixth single extracted from the self-titled album “Desdemona”.
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Desdemona is a woman’s name meaning “born under an evil star”. Everyone could identify with Desdemona, but she is also the Desdemona of Shakespeare’s Othello, a woman whose fate is already written, who will end up being killed.The song therefore also refers to all women victims of violence.

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Written, arranged and produced by Rossometile
Ilaria Hela Bernardini: vocals
Rosario Runes Reina: guitars
Pasquale Pat Murino: bass
Gennaro Rino Balletta: drum


Video production: Kinorama Studio
Makeup: Margherita Palladino Recorded, mixed and mastered by Francesco Tedesco at IMRecording Studio in Nocera Inferiore (Salerno, Italy).
Orchestral parts recorded by Umberto D’Auria at Mozart Studio in Angri (Salerno, Italy).

Promotion: Hell Music Agency 

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