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"Gehenna" preorder now the new album and listen the new single "Sangue e Seduzione"!

The new album "Gehenna" is focused on a condition of torment and passion, a condition that makes it impossible to hide our feelings and forces us to show our true heart, to live our own pain and show our true self in its wholeness.This subject is stressed by the use of the female figure as a symbol for passion.Watch the singles "Sangue e Seduzione" and "Gehenna".Release Date: May 10th, 2024.

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"Sangue e Seduzione" (Blood and Seduction) is the first single from our new album, marking a new chapter for the band. It's a track that represents a stylistic turning point from the past, featuring a lighter arrangement with orchestrations making room for electronic elements. This song also introduces the theme of the new album, which revolves around torment and is developed differently in each track. In "Sangue e Seduzione" the scenario is the desire for possession, both physical and mental, and the craving that turns into torment and degenerates into violence.

"Gehenna" is the second single from our new album. It's a track with a strong gothic imprint and a dark atmosphere that not only opens the album but also introduces its theme. It tells the tale of a hell within the soul, something unsolvable that surpasses our capabilities, offering no escape and no hope. It's a condition where emotions cannot be concealed, forcing one to bare their heart, shamelessly displaying their torment.

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