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With a haunting blend of symphonic melodies, gothic undertones, and powerful operatic vocals, the Italian gothic/symphonic metal ensemble ROSSOMETILE emerges as a formidable force in the realm of dark and atmospheric music. For two decades, this quartet has mesmerized audiences with their unique fusion of symphonic-gothic metal and ancestral influences, crafting a sound that transcends genres and defies convention.

Formed two decades ago in Salerno (Italy) and led by the enchanting vocals of their lyrically gifted frontwoman Ilaria Hela Bernardini with the founder-guitarist Rosario Runes ReinaROSSOMETILE have meticulously crafted their signature sound, blending symphonic grandeur with the raw power of metal, all while infusing elements of ancestral music for an otherworldly experience. Their lyrics, adorned with poetic nuances, evoke a sense of mystery and introspection, drawing listeners into a realm of profound emotions.

Through cinematic music videos, they breathe life into their music, creating immersive narratives that complement their sonic journey, and further enhancing the atmospheric ambiance of their performances.

With their ethereal soundscapes and captivating presence, ROSSOMETILE continues to enchant audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of gothic and symphonic metal.

In 2024 they have completed their last album named “Gehenna”, recorded by Francesco Tedesco at Studio XXXV.
Mixed and mastered by Simone Mularoni (DGM) at Domination Studios.


Band Members

Rossometile - Ilaria Bernardini

Ilaria Hela Bernardini

Vocals & Piano
Rossometile-Rosario Runes Reina

Rosario Runes Reina

Rossometile-Pasquale Pat Murino

Pasquale Pat Murino

Rossometile-Gennaro Rino Balletta

Gennaro Rino Balletta


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